Spare Parts

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Lizard Rudder SX
S0314-S Lizard Rudder SX
Lizard Rudder DX
S0313-S Lizard Rudder DX
Lizard Canard SX
S0312-S Lizard Canard SX
Lizard Canard DX
S0311-S Lizard Canard DX
Lizard Wing SX
S0310-S Lizard Wing SX
Lizard Wing DX
S0309-S Lizard Wing DX
Lizard Canopy
S0308-S Lizard Canopy
Lizard Canopy Clamp
S0237-S Lizard Canopy Clamp
Lizard Fuselage
S0307-S Lizard Fuselage
Exhaust Pipe
S0341-S Exhaust Pipe
EDF Component hardware
S0335-S EDF Component hardware
Vector Linkage
S0331-S Vector Linkage
Servo Hardware
S0330-S Servo Hardware
Tank Plate and Canopy Block
S0324-S Tank Plate and Canopy Block
Carbon Fiber Electronic Plate
S0325-S Carbon Fiber Electronic Plate
Lizard Wing Servo Support
S0320-S Lizard Wing Servo Support
Lizard Turbine Cover
S0319-S Lizard Turbine Cover
Lizard Bottom Stabilazers
S0317-S Lizard Bottom Stabilazers
Lizard Fuel Tank
S0316-S Lizard Fuel Tank
Turbine conversion kit
S0305-S Turbine conversion kit
Havok Tank
S0221-S Havok Tank
Havok Inox Tube
S0080-S Havok Inox Tube
Havok Rudder SX
S0280-S Havok Rudder SX
Havok Rudder DX
S0279-S Havok Rudder DX
Havok Bottom Stabilizer
S0223-S Havok Bottom Stabilizer
Turbine Cover
S0222-S Turbine Cover
Havok Wing DX
S0220-S Havok Wing DX
Havok Wing SX
S0219-S Havok Wing SX
Havok Fuselage
S0218-S Havok Fuselage
Havok Canopy
S0217-S Havok Canopy
Havok Front Body Part
S0216-S Havok Front Body Part
Havok Canard DX
S0215-S Havok Canard DX
Havok Canard SX
S0214-S Havok Canard SX
Landing gear ARM
S0104-S Landing gear ARM
Landing gear AXIS
S0102-S Landing gear AXIS
Front Door
S0241-S Front Door
Rear Door
S0240-S Rear Door
Inox Tube
S0232-S Inox Tube
Tank Tube Set
S0213-S Tank Tube Set
Drake Rudder SX
S0212-S Drake Rudder SX
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