SAB Goblin Kraken 580

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SAB Goblin Kraken 580

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The new Kraken 580 use the same concepts from the Kraken 700.

-Incredible strong Power train enclosed in aluminum case,

-Ultra light 7075 aluminum alloy highly adjustable rotor head with super simple Tail group,

-Body and boom design with integrated frames, to create a amazing fuselage style

-Boom detachment system for improved crash durability.

-Main blades up to 600mm.


-AIRFRAME weight: 1760gr ( with blades, no battery, no electronics )

-Main blade length: 550mm to 600mm

-Tail blade length: 95 to 105 mm

-Main rotor diameter: 1270 mm (with 570 mm blades included)

-Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm (with 95 mm tail blades included)

-Cyclic Servos: mini cyclic servo (torque over 8 Kg-cm). Kit includes servo mounts for mini-servos. Full size servo mounts available separately.

-Tail Servo: standard size 40mm.

-Main Rotor ratio : 11.5 to 8.6 :1 ( 22T included: 9.4:1)

-Tail Rotor ratio : 5.3-4.9:1 ( 23T included: 4.9:1 )

-Typical motor : 4025 series, 6S 1000-1200 Kv, 12S 500-600 Kv. Minimum motor shaft length is 26mm (We recommend using a 6mm diameter motor shaft)

-Typical speed controller: 6S 120-140 A, 12S 100-130A

-Battery size: 6S 5000/5800 mAh, 12S 2600/3200 mAh.

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Helicopter Main Data

580 e
Configuration 580/600
Available P/N SG580
Main rotor diameter 1270mm with 570mm Main Blades
Main blade length 570mm to 600mm
Tail rotor diameter 260mm with 95mm Tail Blades
Tail blade length 95mm to 105mm
Main shaft diameter 10mm
Tail shaft diameter 5mm
Weight 1760gr ( with blades, no battery, no electronics )

Helicopters Secondary Data

Cyclic Servos Mini Size 36mm
Tail Servo Standard size 40mm
Typical speed controller 6S 120A 12S 130A
Maximum motor size 52 mm diameter x 58 mm height
Motor KV 6S 1000-1400KV 12s 500-700KV
Battery compartment 6S 50x60x200 mm 12S 50x45x280 mm
Battery capacity 6S 5000/5500 mAh 12S 2600/3300 mAh
Available ratios From 8.5 to 12.9

Spare Parts

Strap 20x250mm
HA041-S Strap 20x250mm
Wire Cover
H1107-S Wire Cover
Grease LDS
HA075-S Grease LDS
Grease NBU
HA076-S Grease NBU
Aluminum Main Blades Grip Black Matte
H1368-S Aluminum Main Blades Grip Black Matte
Oring Damperner
H1216-S Oring Damperner
Steel Main Gear
H1208-S Steel Main Gear
Steel Pinion
H1209-S Steel Pinion
Steel Main Shaft
H1299-S Steel Main Shaft
Goblin Kraken 580 Manual

Goblin Kraken 580 Manual