GOBLIN BLACK NITRO 650 YELLOW/CARBON (With ThunderBolt Main And Tail Blades)

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GOBLIN BLACK NITRO 650 YELLOW/CARBON (With ThunderBolt Main And Tail Blades)
GOBLIN BLACK NITRO 650 YELLOW/CARBON (With ThunderBolt Main And Tail Blades)
Risorsa 1
Blade Size 650
Weight (no battery/fuel) 4100g
Power supply Nitro



Nitro helicopters enter a new dimension with the Goblin.

High center of gravity with an optimized 650 mm blades rotor give the helicopter extreme agility and amazing performance, which is incredible for a nitro machine!

In addition to the flight characteristics, we have paid special attention to making all maintenance work quick and easy. The SAB modular concept allows you to remove the engine unit and the tank in just a few minutes.
Kit Includes:

  • 650 mm ThunderBolt main blades

  • 105 mm ThunderBolt tail blades


The center of gravity is one of the most essential items to a nitro model. We made it a priority to have a high and neutral center of gravity. The fuel tank is located in the center of the main shaft so that as the fuel level changes, the center of gravity remains the same.

The engine and all of its components are in one modular design. With 4 bolts, you can easily remove and install the entire engine assembly from the model.

Starting assembly, clutch stack, fan and motor pulley are installed on one shaft that is directly mounted onto the engine itself. This assures that everything with the engine is perfectly aligned for smooth transmission.


  • Goblin Black Nitro Body

  • Goblin Black Nitro Body

  • Engine Unit 

  • RX battery support 

  • RPM sensor rooms

  • Main gear CNC H0405 (aluminum/delrin)

  • Black Matte Components,  Swashplate with high quality spherical bearing

  • THUNDERBOLT blades in the Kit

  • Boom obtained with different technology, 80 grams less than old G630 solution. Black Matte tail parts.

  • Full carbon Canopy, New Quick Canopy release

  • Serial Number engraved on the main plate

  • Different Ratio available [ 8.24 ( 28T ), 7.92( 27T ) or 8.23 ( 26T )]

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Helicopter Main Data

Configuration 650 Size
Available P/N SG651
Main rotor diameter 1468mm
Main blade length 650mm
Tail rotor diameter 285mm
Tail blade length 105mm
Main shaft diameter 12mm
Tail shaft diameter 6mm
Weight 4100g no Fuel

Helicopters Secondary Data

Cyclic Servos From 8.8 to 12.1
Tail Servo Standard size 40mm
Maximum motor size 90-120 glow engine
Battery capacity 2S 1600/3000 mAh
Available ratios From 7.64 to 8.23

Spare Parts

Nylon Nut M2.5
HC200-S Nylon Nut M2.5
Nylon Nut M3
HC206-S Nylon Nut M3
SAB Fuel Nipple
H0708-S SAB Fuel Nipple
FBL support Low
H0727-S FBL support Low
Canopy Nitro Sport
H0957-S Canopy Nitro Sport
Frame Nitro Sport
H0960-S Frame Nitro Sport


SAB Tool Kit
HM054 SAB Tool Kit
SAB Tool Case
HM053 SAB Tool Case
SAB Key Chain
HM061 SAB Key Chain
Frame Nitro Sport
H0960-S Frame Nitro Sport
Letter Sticker
HA070-S Letter Sticker
Goblin Nitro manual release 3.1.L

Goblin Nitro manual release 3.1.L