Goblin COMET Yellow – Red

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Goblin COMET  Yellow – Red
Goblin COMET Yellow – Red
Risorsa 1
Blade Size 720
Weight (no battery/fuel) 4280g
Power supply 12S 4300/5000mAh


Refined and exclusive...The COMET delivers a new concept to the market.

The innovative structural layered carbon fuselage supports three functional modules, the main rotor, tail rotor and battery pack. A low parts count delivers easy maintenance that defines the Comets elegant simplicity.

Optional motorized landing gear pushes the boundaries even further maximizing the unrivalled aerobatic performance.

Kit Includes:

• 21T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)

• 1 battery tray

• 720TB (720 mm main blades)

• 105TB (105 mm tail blades)

The following motor pulleys are available:

18T Pulley (P/N H0175-18-S) Ratio 11.9:1

19T Pulley (P/N H0175-19-S) Ratio 11.3:1

20T Pulley (P/N H0175-20-S) Ratio 10.7:1

21T Pulley (P/N H0175-21-S) Ratio 10.2:1

22T Pulley (P/N H0175-22-S) Ratio 9.8:1

23T Pulley (P/N H0175-23-S) Ratio 9.3:1

24T Pulley (P/N H0175-24-S) Ratio 8.9:1

25T Pulley (P/N H0175-26-S) Ratio 8.6:1


Independent mechanical modules

Front air intake


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Helicopter Main Data

Configuration 720
Available P/N SG723-SG724
Main rotor diameter 1626mm
Main blade length 720mm
Tail rotor diameter 282mm
Tail blade length 105mm
Main shaft diameter 12mm
Tail shaft diameter 6mm
Weight 4280g (ex. Battery)

Helicopters Secondary Data

Cyclic Servos Standard size 40mm
Tail Servo Standard size 40mm
Typical speed controller 200A
Maximum motor size 64 mm diameter x 80 mm height
Motor KV 480-560KV
Battery compartment 165x55x55 (2 x 6s packs)
Battery capacity 12S 4300/5000mAh
Available ratios From 8.6 to 11.9

Spare Parts

Nylon Nut M2.5
HC200-S Nylon Nut M2.5
Nylon Nut M3
HC206-S Nylon Nut M3
Strap 20x250mm
HA041-S Strap 20x250mm


SAB Tool Kit
HM054 SAB Tool Kit
SAB Tool Case
HM053 SAB Tool Case
SAB Key Chain
HM061 SAB Key Chain
Motor Seeger
HC504-S Motor Seeger
Letter Sticker
HA070-S Letter Sticker
Manual Comet release 1.0.L

Manual Comet release 1.0.L