GOBLIN FIREBALL CO (with Comp. motor, ESC and blades )

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GOBLIN FIREBALL CO (with Comp. motor, ESC and blades )
GOBLIN FIREBALL CO (with Comp. motor, ESC and blades )
Risorsa 1
Blade Size 280
Weight (no battery/fuel) 735g
Power supply 6S 1000/1250 mAh


Registered design 003738210-0001/0004

SPECIFICATIONS General Specifications:

  • Includes 60A SAB ESC 

  • Motor Competition HE015

  • Red Aluminium blade grip arms 

  • Red Aluminium tail pitch slider

  • Red tail baldes 

  • Red Lighter FG canopy with carbon look

  • Red Carbon-reinforced boom

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GOBLIN FIREBALL CO (with Comp. motor, ESC and blades ) $359.20
Total $359.20
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Helicopter Main Data

Configuration 6S Setup
Available P/N SG280-SG281-SG285-SG289
Main rotor diameter 625mm
Main blade length 280mm
Tail rotor diameter 139mm
Tail blade length 50mm
Main shaft diameter 5mm
Tail shaft diameter 3mm
Weight 735g (ex. Battery)

Helicopters Secondary Data

Cyclic Servos Micro size 23 mm
Tail Servo Micro size 23 mm
Typical speed controller 50 - 60A
Maximum motor size Includes
Motor KV Includes
Battery compartment 73x37x42 mm
Battery capacity 6S 1000/1250 mAh
Available ratios 1,0

Spare Parts

Nylon Nut M2.5
HC200-S Nylon Nut M2.5
Nylon Nut M3
HC206-S Nylon Nut M3
Shims 5x7x0,1
HC450-S Shims 5x7x0,1
Tail Hub
H0771-S Tail Hub
Plastic Ball 4mm
H0779-S Plastic Ball 4mm
Tail side plate
H0780-S Tail side plate
Tail Pin
H0781-S Tail Pin
Tail Pulley 19T
H0782-19-S Tail Pulley 19T
Main Shaft
H0784-S Main Shaft
Main Blade Grip
H0785-S Main Blade Grip
H0788-S Swashplate
H0792-S Spindle
Servos Linkage
H0796-S Servos Linkage
Bell Cranl Lever
H0797-S Bell Cranl Lever
Landing Gear
H0799-S Landing Gear
Fireball Frame SX
H0832-S Fireball Frame SX
Fireball Frame DX
H0833-S Fireball Frame DX
Main Plate
H0838-S Main Plate
H0839-S Feeder
Tail Shaft
H0842-S Tail Shaft
Wire positions
H0858-S Wire positions
Strap 205x16
HA044-S Strap 205x16
Fireball Sticker
HA064-S Fireball Sticker
Micro Servo Horn
HA065-S Micro Servo Horn
Nylon Nut M2
HC492-S Nylon Nut M2
Oring 70 shore
HC501-S Oring 70 shore
Set Screw M2.5x4
HC499-S Set Screw M2.5x4
Set Screw M3x4
HC500-S Set Screw M3x4
Set Screw M2x10
HC498-S Set Screw M2x10
Tail Belt Guide
H0872-S Tail Belt Guide


SAB Tool Kit
HM054 SAB Tool Kit
SAB Tool Case
HM053 SAB Tool Case
SAB Key Chain
HM061 SAB Key Chain
Oring 90 shore
HC502-S Oring 90 shore
Aluminum Pulley
H0901-S Aluminum Pulley
Pulley 18T
H0782-18-S Pulley 18T
Tail Blade Grip
H0772-S Tail Blade Grip
Back Servo Support
H0915-S Back Servo Support
Swashplate Leveler
H0928-S Swashplate Leveler
Letter Sticker
HA070-S Letter Sticker
Goblin Fireball 280 Manual Release 1.0L

Goblin Fireball 280 Manual Release 1.0L

SG289 Sheet

SG289 Sheet