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The all new Kraken 3-blades kit

Risorsa 1
Blade Size 690
Power supply 12S 4200/5500 mAh
Weight (no battery/fuel) 4100 g

• Light canopy, boom, low frames as for SG741

• New graphic scheme, very aggressive, obtained with a new process which adds so many details

• New main and tail rotor obtained as a mix between old HUB and new blade grip, used on Kraken

• New blades 690 mm produced with a new process that optimizes the final weight.


• Power train full enclosed in aluminum case.
• Independent belt shafts for the transmission and the tail.
• Ultra-light Tail case with quick tail fin replacement.
• Full body and boom design with integrated frames.
• Boom detachment system for improved crash durability.

Goblin Kraken introduce again many original solutions never saw in RC Heli world…

Kit Includes:

• Motor pulley 21T (other pulley sizes available)

• 2 sets battery tray with strap

• New SAB blades and tail blades ( 690 3 TBS + 105 3 TBS )



• Power train full enclosed in aluminum case.

• Power train support 3 shafts: Main shaft to the rotor, shaft to the motor, shaft to the tail.

• One-way system inside the Module

• Reliable, suitable for transmitting any power, it does not require maintenance.

• Sturdy in case of crash. It is possible to replace the main shaft by removing a single screw.

• The transmission module is supplied assembled and verified, ready to be used.



• Power train full enclosed in aluminum case. 

• The blade grips are made from 7075 T6 Aluminum and the blade grip arms are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. In a crash you can bend the arm, but you will never damage the blade grip. Using 1x M4 screw makes it very easy to replace just the arm.

• Independent belt shafts for the motor transmission and the tail.

• Ultra-light tail case with quick tail fin replacement, 3 mm full carbon side plate, 23 grams lighter than the Thunder tail case. Very simple, strong, reliable & durable  

• Full body and boom design with integrated frames.

• Boom detachment system for improved crash durability.

• Kraken ESC support composite tray with sacrificial plastic insert. The edges are covered in rubber for protection...ESC wires are happy:-)

• Wire Support for super east wiring.

• Battery tray.

• Serial Number.

• Goblin Kraken High-tech composite carbon and airex sandwich.

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Helicopter Main Data

Configuration 700
Available P/N SG742
Main rotor diameter 1558 mm
Main blade length 690
Tail rotor diameter 284 mm
Tail blade length 115
Main shaft diameter 12 mm
Tail shaft diameter 6 mm
Weight 4100 g

Helicopters Secondary Data

Cyclic Servos Standard size 40 mm
Tail Servo Standard size 40 mm
Typical speed controller 200A
Maximum motor size 62mm diameter x 70mm height
Motor KV 500-560 KV
Battery compartment 56mm x 70mm x 320mm
Battery capacity 12S 4200/5500 mAh
Available ratios From 8.8 to 12.1
Kraken Manual release 1.1.L

Kraken Manual release 1.1.L

Goblin Kraken 3 Blades Chinese Manual Rev.01

Goblin Kraken 3 Blades Chinese Manual Rev.01

Goblin Kraken 3 Blades English Manual_Rev.01

Goblin Kraken 3 Blades English Manual_Rev.01