SAB GOBLIN 500 RED/WHITE (With main and tail blades)

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SAB GOBLIN 500 RED/WHITE  (With main and tail blades)
SAB GOBLIN 500 RED/WHITE (With main and tail blades)

General Specifications

Electronic Specifications  Main rotor diameter:  1136mm (with 500 mm blades)  HPS Head (FBL Only) • Main blade length: 470 to 500mm • Tail rotor diameter: 226 mm • Tail blade length: 80 mm • Main shaft diameter: 10 mm • Tail shaft diameter: 5 mm • Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm • Gear Ratios 6.9-11 : 1 • Weight including electronics: 1900 g (excluding flight battery).
18T motor pulley included (other pulley sizes available)
  All pulleys are made for 6 mm motor shaft (5 mm motor shaft adapter included in kit)

Special Features:
• Full carbon fiber boom • Quick release battery tray system • Sacrificial breaking point for landing gear and boom • Unique “inside the boom” tail push rod design

• Cyclic Servos: Mini size (36mm)
              Normal and 3D Flight: Hitec 5245 MG, Align DS510M or DS515M, Savox SH1250, Graupner DES 678 MG, MKS DS-9660A, Futaba 9650
              HARD 3D: Futaba BLS153, Graupner HBS660 HV, JR DS3717 HV, HITEC 7245 MG HV, JR DS3711 HV

• Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)

• Typical Speed Controller: 80/100A
              Normal and 3D Flight: Kontronik Koby 90, YGE 100 LV
              HARD 3D: Kontronik Jive 100 LV, YGE 120 LV, CC Talon 90

• Motors: (Max Diameter: 52 mm, Max Height: 52 mm)
              Normal and 3D Flight: Scorpion HK-4015-1070, Quantum 4115-1200
              HARD 3D: PYRO 600-1200, Scorpion, HKIII-4020-1100/1350, Quantum 4120-1200

• Flight Battery: (Max Dimensions: 52x53x180mm)
              6S 2800/4500 mAh.
Kit Includes:
• 18T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available) • 500 mm main blades  • 80 mm tail blades

The following motor pulleys are available:

16T Pulley (P/N 0215-16-S) Ratio 10.33:1

18T Pulley (P/N H0215-18-S) Ratio 9.18:1

20T Pulley (P/N H0215-20-S) Ratio 8.26:1

22T Pulley (P/N H0215-22-S) Ratio 7.51:1

24T Pulley (P/N H0215-24-S) Ratio 6.91:1

17T Pulley (P/N H0215-17-S) Ratio 9.72:1
19T Pulley (P/N H0215-19-S) Ratio 8.7:1
21T Pulley (P/N H0215-21-S) Ratio 7.87:1
23T Pulley (P/N H0215-23-S) Ratio 7.19:1

    All these motor pulleys are for a 6 mm motor shaft. Each pulley includes an adapter for 5 mm motor shafts.

• Identical concept as Goblin 700

• Simple and effective design

• Carbon fiber boom for maximum rigidity

• HPS (High Precision Head System) • 10mm high strength steel main shaft • 8mm high strength steel spindle shaft • Large tail pulleys for increased tail authority
• Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance

• Unique, extremely rigid transmission design

• Stiffness of the model defined by a single component

• Heat tolerant primary drive belt

• Carbon fiber tail push rod hidden inside the boom for an aesthetically pleasing, unique design

• Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash

• Landing gear mounting brackets don’t require bolts to be installed. The brackets are a break point during a crash preserving frames and other important parts

• Quick release battery tray system

• Plenty of room for electronic components

• Mini size cyclic servos • Direct and geometrically correct servo placement
• Standard size tail servo


Disclaimer: SAB Heli Division does not endorse any of the electronic components listed. These are only suggestions based on our own testing. Please make sure to do your own research to ensure compatibility between these components, specially between motors and ESCs.

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