SAB GOBLIN 500 RED/WHITE (With main and tail blades & combo box)

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SAB GOBLIN 500 RED/WHITE (With main and tail blades & combo box)
SAB GOBLIN 500 RED/WHITE (With main and tail blades & combo box)

General Specifications

Electronic Specifications

 Main rotor diameter:  1136mm (with 500 mm blades)  HPS Head (FBL Only) • Main blade length: 470 to 500mm • Tail rotor diameter: 226 mm • Tail blade length: 80 mm • Main shaft diameter: 10 mm • Tail shaft diameter: 5 mm • Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm • Gear Ratios 6.9-11 : 1 • Weight including electronics: 1900 g (excluding flight battery).
18T motor pulley included (other pulley sizes available)
All pulleys are made for 6 mm motor shaft (5 mm motor shaft adapter included in kit)

Special Features:
Full carbon fiber boom • Quick release battery tray system • Sacrificial breaking point for landing gear and boom • Unique “inside the boom” tail push rod design

• Cyclic Servos: Mini size (36mm)
              Normal and 3D Flight: Hitec 5245 MG, Align DS510M or DS515M, Savox SH1250, Graupner DES 678 MG, MKS DS-9660A, Futaba 9650
              HARD 3D: Futaba BLS153, Graupner HBS660 HV, JR DS3717 HV, HITEC 7245 MG HV, JR DS3711 HV

• Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)

• Typical Speed Controller: 80/100A
              Normal and 3D Flight: Kontronik Koby 90, YGE 100 LV
              HARD 3D: Kontronik Jive 100 LV, YGE 120 LV, CC Talon 90

• Motors: (Max Diameter: 52 mm, Max Height: 52 mm)
              Normal and 3D Flight: Scorpion HK-4015-1070, Quantum 4115-1200
              HARD 3D: PYRO 600-1200, Scorpion, HKIII-4020-1100/1350, Quantum 4120-1200

• Flight Battery: (Max Dimensions: 52x53x180mm)
              6S 2800/4500 mAh.
Kit Includes:
• 18T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available) • 500 mm main blades  • 80 mm tail blades

The following motor pulleys are available:

16T Pulley (P/N 0215-16-S) Ratio 10.33:1

18T Pulley (P/N H0215-18-S) Ratio 9.18:1

20T Pulley (P/N H0215-20-S) Ratio 8.26:1

22T Pulley (P/N H0215-22-S) Ratio 7.51:1

24T Pulley (P/N H0215-24-S) Ratio 6.91:1

17T Pulley (P/N H0215-17-S) Ratio 9.72:1
19T Pulley (P/N H0215-19-S) Ratio 8.7:1
21T Pulley (P/N H0215-21-S) Ratio 7.87:1
23T Pulley (P/N H0215-23-S) Ratio 7.19:1

    All these motor pulleys are for a 6 mm motor shaft. Each pulley includes an adapter for 5 mm motor shafts.

• Identical concept as Goblin 700

• Simple and effective design

• Carbon fiber boom for maximum rigidity

• HPS (High Precision Head System) • 10mm high strength steel main shaft • 8mm high strength steel spindle shaft • Large tail pulleys for increased tail authority
• Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance

• Unique, extremely rigid transmission design

• Stiffness of the model defined by a single component

• Heat tolerant primary drive belt

• Carbon fiber tail push rod hidden inside the boom for an aesthetically pleasing, unique design

• Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash

• Landing gear mounting brackets don’t require bolts to be installed. The brackets are a break point during a crash preserving frames and other important parts

• Quick release battery tray system

• Plenty of room for electronic components

• Mini size cyclic servos • Direct and geometrically correct servo placement
• Standard size tail servo


- Goblin 500 Red/White x 1kit
- DS-5001HV Cyclic Servo x 3pcs
- DS-7005HV Tail Servo x 1pc
- Quantum 4120-1200KV Motor x 1pc

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